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2009 Guine-Bissau (500 West African CFA Francs)

Guine-Bissau has one of the world's lowest gross domestic produce per capita. Producing stamps for sale overseas seems to be one way of trying to raise this. In 2009 alone they produced 15 series, each of 6 stamps. The series covered a wide range of topics. Poison Mushrooms, Water Animals Speed Records, Prehistoric Man, Marine Plants and fishes, Elvis Presley, Labrador Retrievers, Chess on Stamps, Scouts and Orchids, Gastronomia of Guine-Bissau, and series covering all Nobel Prize winners for 1907 to 1912.

Rutherford was in the series of 6 honouring the Nobel Prizewinners for 1908.

Note that Rutherford's Nobel Prize was for explaining radioctivity.
His nuclear atom hadn't been discovered then.

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