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Rooms in Buildings

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre - (London, UK)

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, which was opened by the Queen 1986, is an executive agency of the office of the Deputy Prime Minister. It is situated in the heart of London opposite Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. The 6 storey building has 4 main auditoria, 7 conference rooms and 20 smaller meeting rooms. It also has 2000 square metres of exhibition space.

The names of the spaces celebrated the greats of Britain. Names include Churchill, Fleming, Whittle, Henry Moore, Pickwick, Caxton and Mountbatten.

The Rutherford room is on the 4th floor.

Manchester University (UK)

In 1967 Patrick Blackett opened Manchester University's new physics building, the Schuster Laboratory. Schuster was the prominent and wealthy early head of physics at Manchester who offered to step aside provided his chair was offered to Rutherford to attract him back from Canada. The building had four lecture theatres, all named in honour of famous physicists at Manchester: Rutherford, Bragg, Moseley and Blackett. Rutherford had been involved in all of their early research careers.

The Rutherford lecture theatre is the largest of the four, seating 250 people. To the lecturer's left is a bronze bust of Rutherford by sculptor XXX. The bust was installed in 19XX. (I need a better image if anyone has one.)

Transpower - (Wellington, NZ)

Transpower is the state owned enterprise responsible for the old national grid, the high voltage lines transporting electrical energy around New Zealand and across Cook Strait. In 2003 its headquarters moved into Transpower House, 96 The Terrace, Wellington, at which time its 23 meeting rooms were named after pioneers in electricity. Rutherford's name was given to the meeting room on the 5th floor.

Other rooms were named for the likes of Gilbert, Oersted, Thompson (Lord Kelvin) and Volta.

Simpson Grierson - (Auckland, NZ)

Simpson Grierson is one of New Zealand's leading commercial and technology-focussed law firms. In September of 2005, when their main (Auckland) office moved into a new building at 88 Shortland Street, they wished to name their 9 meeting rooms on level 27 after "great New Zealanders with inspirational minds." They sought permission of the Rutherford family to name one after Ernest Rutherford. This was granted on the 25th of Nov 2005. The others honour Kate Sheppard (a key person in obtaining the vote for NZ women in 1893), Katherine Mansfield (author), Jean Batten (pioneering aviator), Len Lye (kinetic sculptor), Rewi Alley (social reformer), William Pickering (Director JPL), Peter Buck (anthropologist) and Maurice Wilkins (Nobel prizewinner).

Three function rooms on the 28 level are named Ranginui (sky/space), Papatuanuku (Earth mother) and Tangaroa (God of the sea).

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Rutherford Cafe - (Nelson NZ)

The Rutherford Cafe was established during a 19XX remodeling of the Copthorne Rutherford Hotel, Trafalgar Square, Nelson. I supplied the information and some bits and pieces. Around the walls was a display of Rutherford's life and work, an outreach of the Rutherford Birthplace Project. At the time, it was one of only three places in New Zealand where a replica of the two sides of Rutherford's Nobel medal could be seen. (At their expense, I had had the two sides of the Nobel Medal caste in araldite as I had previously done for the Rutherford's Den display and also for use on the wall of the Science Library (the stand along facility in front of the Rutherford Building of the University,, not the current one near the Engineering Faculty.

With a more recent remodeling of the hotel(20XX), the Rutherford Cafe has since gone, along with the Rutherford display. The cafe is now called the Atom Cafe. The display araldite casting of the faces of Rutherford's Nobel Medal was given by the Copthorne Rutherford Hotel to the Nelson Provincial Museum 28/4/17, but they later asked for them back.

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