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Rutherford College, Auckland, New Zealand.

   With the growth of Auckland pushing into the area, the High School opened on 5 February 1961. Because of the large number of contributing primary schools, the headmaster, Mr A E E Clark, decided the school needed a name independent of the various districts, so called it Rutherford High School, after the famous New Zealander who was the father of nuclear physics. In 1998 it became Rutherford College.

   The school celebrates annually, Rutherford Day, to commemorate the achievements of Lord Rutherford. The school logo is the Kotoku (White Heron). The official school song is "Me Hui Hui", written by Pita Sharples. Another school song "The Rutherford Way" was written by former school music teacher, Mrs. Manu Fa'aea-Semeatu.

Rutherford College, University of Kent, UK.

   The University of Kent, Canterbury, ( was initiated in 1959 and opened when it gained its Royal Charter in 1965. Possibly they had hoped to be the University of Canterbury but that title was already in existence in New Zealand, Rutherford's old university.

   The colleges of the university are Chaucer, Darwin, Eliot, Keynes, Rutherford, Woolf, and Wye.

   The bar in Rutherford College is currently called "RuTHErford BAR".

Rutherford Hall, University of Canterbury.

   In 1951 Canterbury College approached churches to open Halls of Residence for out-of-town students because boarding houses were becoming uneconomic. In 1952 the Catholic Church purchased 15 Bealey Ave, near Church Corner and not far from the then-site of the College, now the Arts Centre. (By chance they had purchased the building where Ernest Rutherford had boarded. Rutherford later married the daughter of the household.) They named it Rochester Hall which opened in 1956. With the University's gradual shift to Ilam from the 1960's they were encourage to shift and build on University land at 77 Ilam Rd, which opened in 1971.
   A Presbyterian-Methodist Hall was first mooted in 1959 and a committee formed. After considering various names, in 1961 they settled on Rutherford Hall, the University's internationally most well-know graduate of the right persuasion. They obtained permission from Canon Paul Sergel of Hamilton, Ernest's nephew. They were offered university land in Waimairi Road where they had a dedication ceremony in 1967 by planting a commemorative Blue Cedar tree. Financial constraints all round, and the up-coming 1974 Commonwealth Games, ensured the committee built a smaller Hall (opened in 1971 unfinished) behind Rochester Hall so catering could be shared.
Rochester and Rutherford Halls merged in 1984.
   It is interesting to note that in 1894 Ernest Rutherford had moved, and spoke to, a motion at the Dialectic Society "That the time has arrived for the establishment of a residential department in connection with Canterbury College."

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