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Colleges and Schools
- Rutherford College, NZ
- Rutherford College, UK

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Rutherford College, Auckland, New Zealand

With the growth of Auckland pushing into the area, the High School opened on 5 February 1961. Because of the large number of contributing primary schools, the headmaster, Mr A E E Clark, decided the school needed a name independent of the various districts, so called it Rutherford High School, after the famous New Zealander who was the father of nuclear physics. In 1998 it became Rutherford College.

The school celebrates annually, Rutherford Day, to commemorate the achievements of Lord Rutherford. The school logo is the Kotoku (White Heron). The official school song is "Me Hui Hui", written by Pita Sharples. Another school song "The Rutherford Way" was written by former school music teacher, Mrs. Manu Fa'aea-Semeatu.

Rutherford College, University of Kent

The University of Kent, Canterbury, ( was initiated in 1959 and opened when it gained its Royal Charter in 1965. Possibly they had hoped to be the University of Canterbury but that title was already in existence in New Zealand, Rutherford's old university.

The colleges of the university are Chaucer, Darwin, Eliot, Keynes, Rutherford, Woolf, and Wye. The bar in Rutherford College is currently called "RuTHErford BAR".

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