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1971Canada 6c

This stamp celebrated the centennial of Rutherford's birth.

It was issued on the 24th of March 1971.
(cf Rutherford's birthday of August 30th.)

24,950,000 were printed by the British American Bank Note Company.

Artist Ray Webber produced the design using a photographic technique.
(JC It looks like the pattern obtained looking into the beam of a HeNe laser, which was quite the fashion at the time.)

Canada Post Office described the art work as a burst of light symbolising
"the great energy that the harnessing of the atom has given to us and which,
unseen, affects so much of all our lives."

I and several very influencial people failed dismally in strong efforts to have Canada Post issue a Rutherford stamp for more recent centennials, eg the 2008 centennial of his Nobel Prize, the first for research carried out in Canada.
But Antigua and Barbuda did.


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