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Sketches of Rutherford

Rutherford 1898

The Montreal Daily Star 1st Oct 1898.

   This lithograph was produced, possibly from a photo Rutherford submitted with his application, for an article
Sketches of the Professional Careers of the Four Gentlemen Who Will Instruct at McGill Next Session.

   Richard Mathews, who did the 1907 pastel paintings of Rutherford, was a reportage artist with The Montreal Star about this time so this sketch may have been his work.

Rutherford 1925

Harry Linley Richardson (1878-1947).
Pencil on paper.
Copyright: National Library of New Zealand A-303-008

  Annotated "Sir Ernest Rutherford lecturing on the Atom Town Hall Wellington 1925." This talk was delivered on the evening of Tuesday 27th October 1925 during his 1925 visit home. The condenser lens of the projector cracked and the heat cracked many of Ern's slides until he ordered the projectionist to get another projector. There was no such problem at his Christchurch lecture because, as Ern reported, "I think Farr threatened the lanternist with pain of death if anything went wrong.""

   During the morning the Rutherford's had had a civic reception in his honour, and in the afternoon Lady Rutherford attended an afternoon tea in her honour to which she "wore a frock of dark brown repp trimmed with pale amber and a brown hat with a plume at one side."

About the Artist.
  Harry Linley Richardson (1878-1947) was an English artist who emigrated to New Zealand in 1908 when he was appointed art instructor at the Wellington Technical College. He was well-known as a printmaker and stamp designer.

Rutherford c1925

Sir William Rothenstein (1872-1945).
Sanguine and pencil.
circa 1925.
Copyright: UK National Portrait Gallery. (NPG 4793)

  I know nothing of the circumstances leading to this sketch.

About the Artist.
  William Rothenstein (1872-1945) was the Principal of the Royal College of Art from 1920 till 1935.
He is associated with 220 portraits, very many similar to this.
Note Rothenstein published his reminiscences and several sets of lithographs of famous men of the time.

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Rutherford 1925


   For this image I lost all information (eg where this sketch is) during an enforced computer operating system upgrade.
Most likely it is by William Rothenstein who produced several sketches similar to this.
It is not in the National Portrait Gallery.

About the Artist.

Rutherford 1928

Randolph Schwarbe (1885-1948).
Pencil. About 27cm by 18cm, in a frame 58cm in by 45cm.
Copyright: Athenaeum (London).

  Rutherford was elected a member of the Athenaeum in 1917, by rule 2 whereby “persons of distinguished eminence in their particular fields” can be elected to membership by invitation of the Committee. Presented to the Athenaeum by the artist in 1938, the year following Rutherford's death.

About the Artist.
  Randolph Schwarbe (1885-1948) was the Slade Professor of Fine Art at University College London from 1930.

Rutherford 1934

Francis Dodd (1874-1949).
Copyright: UK National Portrait Gallery. (NPG 4426)

   I dont know anything about the origin of this sketch.

About the Artist.
  Francis Dodd (1874-1949) was a notable painter of realistic portraits and an etcher.
He lived in London after 1904 and was a member of the New English Art Club.

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