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Note. World-wide, exams are sat at the end of the academic year, ie in late spring. In the southern hemisphere this is in November. In Rutherford's day the papers were then shipped to the examiners in Britain and the results telegraphed back to New Zealand in time for the new academic year which started in March (Autumn). The formal results arrived back by seamail in May and the degrees were formally presented at a ceremony in August. The dates listed here are those of the year of presentation, whereas in other places I usually give them as the date the exams were sat in order to avoid confusion for northern hemisphere readers. Rutherford sat his final BA papers in November of 1892.

After Ern died, Mary gave his degree parchments to an elderly woman neighbour, whose hobby was making lampshades out of parchments. Luckily, after the Second World War, Robin Adams, a New Zealand geophysics student found himself sitting under a lampshade made from two of Ern's degrees from the University of New Zealand. Eventually he was given the parchments which he presented to the University of Canterbury in 19XXX .

These are listed here. The early ones are degrees awarded via examinations or by publication record, and the later ones are honorary degrees. Odd parchments and certificates of honorary membership of societies are also included for completeness.

If you know of any other certificates not included in this list please let me know.


1893 BA University of New Zealand
1894 MA with double first class honours University of New Zealand
1895 BSc University of New Zealand
1897 BA (Research) Cambridge University
1901 DSc University of New Zealand
Honorary Degrees
1900 MSc McGill University
1906 DSc University of Pensylvannia
1907 LLD McGill University
1907 PhD Ludwigsuniversitat
1909 DPhysics Clark University
1914 DSc Melbourne University
1924 DSc University of Toronto
1927 DSc Yale University
1930 PhD London University
1931 DSc University of New Zealand
1931 PhD Gottingen University
Fellowships etc
1901 Fellow Royal Society of Canada
1903 Fellow Royal Society of London
1911 Foreign Associate National Academy of Sciences (USA)
1912 Foreign corresponding member Kaiserliche Akademie Der Wissenschaften
1915 Foreign Honorary Member American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1919 Corresponding Member Batavian Association of Experimental Philosophy
1919 Honorary Fellow Royal Society of Medicine
1920 Honorary Member Academia Regia Scientiarium Neerlandica
1920 Fellow New Zealand Institute
1920 Member Societa Italiana Della Scienze
1924 Honorary Member Franklin Institute
1932 Member Kaiserlich Deutsche Academie der Naturforscher
1936 Fellow Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican
Miscellaneous Parchments
1911 XXX Koniglich Bayerische Akademie de Wissenschaften
1920 XXX Societas Regia Scientiarum Hauniensis
1928 XXX Academia Scientiarium Borussica
XXX Honorary Member Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow

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