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Rutherford Documentary
- The DVD (summary)
- How to obtain the DVD
- Trailer
- Awards
- Further Details of the DVD
- Principal Patrons
- Reviews

The Rutherford Documentary

The DVD (Summary)
The Rutherford DVD was filmed in high definition digital video,
and is available in PAL and in NTSC formats.

His life and work is imaginatively told in three one hour episodes.
Episode 1 - The Apprentice (New Zealand and Cambridge I)
Episode 2 - The Alchemist (Canada, Nobel Prize, and Manchester)
Episode 3 - Elder Statesman of Science (Cambridge II)

For further details see below.

For a 7 minute trailer for the DVD click here.

How to Obtain this DVD
Rutherford DVD, shipped from New Zealand to:
Alternatively, in New Zealand.
By direct credit banking. email for details.

It is a condition of sale, and copyright, that no parts of this DVD are to be placed anywhere on the web,
or copied, or passed to third parties, or used in any other way other than for private use.
Permission is needed for anything other than private use.

Note. The books "Rutherford Scientist Supreme" (NZ$50), "Rutherford's Ancestors" (NZ$20) and
"Lord Rutherford on the Golf Course" (POA) are also available from the above address or
Reviews, purchase details etc for books are in the books section of


John Campbell was awarded a 2012 Education and Communication Award from the Canadian Nuclear Society for the documentary.

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Further Details of the Rutherford DVD

The Rutherford documentary is based on John Campbell's book "Rutherford Scientist Supreme"
and was written, directed, editored, and co-produced by Gillian Ashurst ("Rocketman - William Pickering" (2004) and "Snakeskin" (2001)).
The co-producers were John Campbell and Gillian Ashurst.
The story is told through original archives and artefacts; re-creations; animations of key experiments;
interviews with his relatives (3) Jim Rutherford (nephew), Patrick Fowler (grandson), Liddy Taylor (grand-daughter);
those who worked with him (5) Mark Oliphant, Maurice Goldhaber, Ron Pryor, Gerald Tarrant, Lord Bowden (acoustic only);
those who knew him (4) Majorie Stevenson, Norman Shaw (audio only), T C Nicholas (audio only) Tom Coombs (Ashmore);
noted scientists continuing in his fields (4) Art McDonald (Sudbury and Queens University), Phillip Burrows (Oxford), Peter Kalmus (QMC), Robin Marshall (Manchester);
other scientists (8) Alan Walton (son of E T H Walton), Gerry Gilmore (Institute of Astronomy Cambridge University), Tony Whitehead (McGill),
Jean Barrette (Curator of the Rutherford Museum, McGill University), Gordon Squires (Curator of the Cavendish Laboratory Museum), Cecilia Jarlskog (Nobel Foundation), David Lee and Bob Richardson (1996 Nobel Prize winners in physics);
descendants of early settlers of Nelson (1) Kerry Marshall (Mayor of Nelson 2007-10);
and noted historians of science (7) Larry Badash (Rutherford, Boltwood and early radioactivity); Geoffrey and Marelene Rayner-Canham (biographers of Harriet Brooks), Yves Gingras (early science in Canada), David and Eugenia Lockwood (Kapitza biographers), David Pantalony (Canadian Museum of Science and Technology).

Episode 1 - The Apprentice (New Zealand and Cambridge I) Early life and electrical researches in New Zealand, his magnetic detector, WT experiments in Cambridge, early radioactivity, and the electron.
Episode 2 - The Alchemist (Canada, Nobel Prize, and Manchester) Dating the age of the earth, WW1 research on detecting submarines, the nuclear atom, splitting the atom.)
Episode 3 - Elder Statesman of Science (Cambridge II) (discovery of the neutron, the birth of particle accelerators, work for German refugees.)

Principal Patrons of the Rutherford Documentary.

Stout Trust
Cawthron Trust
College of Science, University of Canterbury
Canadian Nuclear Society
The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851
Trinity College, Cambridge, and the Cavendish Laboratory
In Memory of Dianne Campbell

The New Zealand Principal Patrons contributions ensured this documentary was produced to a high standard,
and a copy of the DVD was donated to every secondary school in New Zealand.

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The DVD has been reviewed by:-
Engineering Insight, New Zealand v15 1st Oct 2014 p47. (Gerry Carrington.)
New Zealand Science Review v71 No2 p45 2014 (John Clare.)
Chemistry in New Zealand, Apr 2015 p87, (Richard Rendle.)

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