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Rezerford (Rutherford: A Learned Teacher)
Peter Kapitsa (Ed)

Science (Moscow) 1973
211 pages. Hard Cover.
15 black/white photos embedded in the text.

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My Comments on This Book
This book in Russian covers the 1971 Moscow celebrations of the centennial of the birth of Ernest Rutherford. The celebrations were organised by Peter Kapitsa.

Foreword (Translated into English by Basil Kerdemelidis)

   30 August 1971 was the centenary of Ernest Rutherford's birthday. To mark this occasion in our country, a special colloquium was held in conjunction with the XIII International Congress on 'History of Science', in Moscow.

   Rutherford's ex-students and colleagues came from England, USA and Canada to participate in the proceedings.

   This colloquium evinced wide interest and findings and, judging by the many comments, was successful. In fact, Rutherford is such an imposing figure in science and indeed was such a fascinating man, that his memory will long remain among scientists; he will serve as an example not only of an outstanding scientist but also of a leader. In him one found severity and kindness, fairness, a great source of ideas, and deep understanding of methods of the development of science. To his students he was a paragon of a leader from whom one could learn much.

   For these reasons, it was decided to publish, in a separate volume, the contents of the meeting. Because the participants of the colloquium concentrated only on the Cambridge period of Rutherford's scientific activity, this book includes also memories by N Bohr and B Kaye, Rutherford's collaborators of the Manchester period.

   In addition to the above the collection of articles, a short note by N A Shilov, a well-known Russian physical chemist who worked with Rutherford during 1914, is included.

   We also thought that it would be of interest to add to the voices of Rutherford's friends and students the voice of the scientist himself; and the collection starts with Rutherford's last published presentation in 1936, dedicated to radioactivity and structure of the atom. That year a number of eminent scientists presented papers on the 40 year period of scientific development from 1896 to 1936.

   Candidate of Mathematical Physics Yu. M Tsipenyukom, secretary of the colloquium, has compiled and edited the compendium. He also translated the presentations of foreign contributors. William Kaye's paper was translated by N G Elkonina. Most of the photographs were produced by Yu G Zlechnik.

   We hope that this collection will evoke interest in wider circles of our society so that men like Rutherford are not only the pride of parochial interests such as places of birth or work but become the pride of all mankind.

Moscow, Dec 1971

P L Kapitsa

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Contents (Translated into English)



E Rutherford

40 Years of Physics Progress


P Kapitsa

The Role of Outstanding Teacher in the Development of Physics


P Kapitsa

My Memories of Rutherford


P Blackett

Rutherford's Achievments


N Feather

The Cavendish Laboratory Between 1926 and 1937


Sam Devons

Rutherford, Cambridge and the Cavendish Lab


D Shoenberg

Rutherford and the Cavendish


W Lewis

Brief memories of Rutherford


T Allibone

Rutherford, Royal Society and Royal Institution





B Kedrov

He Changed the Direction of all Science: Rutherford as a thinker


M Oliphant

Cambridge Days


Wm Kay

Memories of Rutherford


N Shilov

Professor Rutherford's Laboratory


Niels Bohr

E Rutherford: Father of Nuclear Science


History of the Rutherford Portrait on the Mond Lab


G Flerov and M Tsitseniuk

Reading Rutherford



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